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Total Race SRL

Total race iti ofera cea ma i buna calitate!
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Total race este distribuitor unic, Unitex Group, Technotex Industrial Supply, Ridge Gear, Crosby Group b.v., Inter Product, Boscaro,Bakker Hydraulic in Romania si Europa de est.
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Web Slings TOTAL RACE IMPEX from Romania
General purpose flat slings constructed of 100% heavy-duty polyester webbing.  These slings are lightweight, less likely to scratch or damage the load, resist mildew and bacterial growth.  For use in choker, vertical and basket hitches.
  • 1-10T slings available off the shelf in most standard sizes.
  • Larger slings manufactured to customer specification up to 40 tonnes WLL SF7:1 (straight lift).
  • Wear sleeves can be fitted to improve the sling's lifecycle.
  • Hardware end fittings optional.
  • All slings manufactured to the latest approved standards.
Round Slings TOTAL RACE IMPEX from Romania
Our most versatile sling to date the round sling is constructed of high tenacity polyester fibres which are protected by a durable polyester cover.  The very nature of our round slings offer greater flexibility, moulding to irregular loads and have a very low weight to length ratio versus more traditional chain and wire options.
  • 1-10T slings available off the shelf in most standard sizes.
  • Larger slings manufactured to customer specification up to 150 tonnes WLL SF7:1 (straight lift).
  • Wear sleeves can be fitted to improve the sling's lifecycle.
  • Hardware end fittings optional.
  • All slings manufactured to the latest approved standards.
Cargo Nets TOTAL RACE IMPEX from Romania
We currently offer both polypropylene and polyester webbing nets.  Because they are custom made we are able to supply bespoke dimensions with various end fittings.  We currently supply cargo nets into commercial vehicle, aircraft and defence industries. However, due to their versatility our cargo nets can be used for other applications including crash/debris or barrier protection.
  • Custom made to your specification.
  • 25mm - 50mm webbing.
  • Available in various colours depending order quantity.
  • 1,400kg - 2,500kg webbing used.
  • Chemical finishes available including water repellant and flame retardant.
  • Various end fittings available.
Load Restraint TOTAL RACE IMPEX from Romania
Our systems are available in a variety of widths, lengths, colours and hardware fittings to satisfy a wide range of applications including truck, boat, rail, in plant logistics and cargo management.
  • 100% polyester with low elongation properties versus polypropylene substitutes.
  • Long wide ratchet handle allows greater ease of use and maximum tensioning with minimum force.
  • Wear sleeves can be fitted to improve the product's lifecycle.
  • A multitude of hardware fittings to suit the application.
All load restraints are manufactured to the latest approved standards.
Brand & Trade Names
Techlon - TLX Round Slings - As the only supplier of a specially developed round sling sleeving - Techlon. Total Race Impex from Romania offer the best premium grade of polyester round slings to their distributors of products. Techlon is the strongest round sling sleeving available for durability and resistance to abrasion and cuts. No other sleeve compares with this made from polyester and offers a big advantage compared to the budget range of standard round sling sleeving Total Race Impex offers. Please contact Total Race Impex for further details or if a particularly abrassive end use is cuasing a problem to polyester product please contact us for information regarding our availability of the UltraLift round sling range.
UltraLift - Dyneema manufactured by DSM is the worlds strongest fibre and The Unitex Group has exclusivity throughout Europe to manufacture specialist Dyneema round slings for specialist applications made from this fibre. Please contact us for further details.

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