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The LCD Ltd. located in Romania/Transylvania/Avrig has been registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the registering code is 812393) having as main activity the manufacture of glassware.

In the glass workshop we make both household wareglass and decorative wareglass such as: specialized presents(Golfers, Chritmas decorations, ...), glasses (for white and red wine, for water, for juice, for champagne, for brandy, for beer and whisky), vases for a bunch of flowers or for only one flower; decantation products; dishes for fruit, cakes, baskets; candlesticks, ashtrays, etc.

The manufacture of glass is made manually. At the same moment we can produce a wide diversity of products.

At this very moment the workshop has the following components: a hall that is technically equipped with two glass-melted furnaces, two re-baking furnaces, one cutting machine and three polishing machines, as well as a warehouse.

The products made during the manufacture process are addressed both to the people who commercialize the glassware and those who want to put into practice their own creations (artists). We are always open to new ideas and new business opportunities.

The main goal of the company (LCD Ltd.) is that of producing glassware that can satisfy the customer through quality and price. The quality stands on the first place and it refers to the quality of glass obtained after melting the pieces of glass, to the quality of manufacturing it and also to the quality of finishing it. We also take into account the price that should be advantageously for our clients.

No.57, Mihai Viteazu Street, Avrig, Sibiu

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