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Golden Key Real Estate SRL

For the owner, on one hand, GoldenKey is the solution of a successful transaction, for a serious and civilized client, suitable with the property he owns. For the client, on the other hand, GoldenKey is the key to a warm house, suitable for his request, at the highest standards of finishing and interior design, which can be easily called "at home".

Buying or selling a home is an important, anxiety-filled transaction. However, most of us buy, sell or rent very few homes. Because the home buying and home selling process involves so much money, it is important to do each part of it well. Finding the right real estate agent for you is essential to your peace of mind and for a successful transaction.

The GoldenKey team gathers honest real estate consultants with large experience in this field, university graduated, special real estate training, most of them known names in the real estate market. We speak English, French and Italian.
In association with the best in the field companies, GoldenKey provides interior design services, furniture, property loan, rent a car and property maintenance.

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